September 16, 2004 in Family

Yup, it’s A Photo of Montserrat

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For inquiring minds, the first photo above is an aerial shot of the Caribbean island Montserrat from which my family hails. Photo was taken in 2001 by a crew member of the second expedition to the International Space Station, “Alpha.” In case you are not familiar with Montserrat, well it’s a 39 square miles island that was once a luscious green paradise and playground for the British rich and famous. Due to 1997 volanic eruption, two thirds of the island is now mostly covered in ash. And according to scientific estimates, it won’t get back to it’s pre 1997 state for another 100 years — provided of course that the volcano stops erupting. Oh the wrath of Mother Nature. Speaking of Mother Nature, what is up with all these level 4 hurricanes? Is this the result of global warming? Or it is the wrath of God punishing us for fighting with one another? Whatever the reason, I do hope that things calm down soon.


  1. September 24, 2004 at 3:32 pm


    Point taken. I would submit that lack of war does not totally equate to peace. I believe that people are oppressed when they live under non-elected forms of government. Brutal dictators and totalitarian (or stalinistic…if that is actually a word) regimes are responsible for many deaths of their own people. Its been almost 200 years since two democracies actually started a war with each other. Some of the anti-war people seem to have the myopic view that if we were not in the Middle East, things would be great for the people of Iraq. I don’t really understand it…I mean do people not realize how many deaths are on Saddam’s hands? I have seen people claim the US is the the most dangerous terrorists in the world, while they claim Saddam was an “elected” leader of the “republic” of Iraq in the same breath. I just wish more poeple knew (or at least consider and put into context when comparing to America) how vile Saddam and his minions were.
    I guess I probably shouldn’t of ranted like that…I was just in a bad mood.

  2. September 24, 2004 at 8:46 am


    For the record, when I talked about us fighting with one another, I was not referring specifically to the war in the Iraq. I was more referring to all the turmoil in the world around us. For as far back as I can remember, every year in my life there has been some conflict somewhere in the world. This is most troubling. I really wish that we (all cultures and nationalities) could just live in peace and harmony without trying to kill and persecute one another.

  3. September 22, 2004 at 9:06 am


    “Speaking of Mother Nature, what is up with all these level 4 hurricanes? Is this the result of global warming? Or it is the wrath of God punishing us for fighting with one another?”
    Yes, God punishes Florida when we have troops in the Middle East. I wonder where the hurricanes were for Amin, Pol Pot, or Miloševic? Maybe God only punishes us when a few thousand people die. If we butchered hundreds of thousands of people like these lunatics…we might get ignored :shrug:. Global Warming also causes all huricanes. In fact the ice age will soon be here. I hope you watched the day after tomorrow….it will be just like that. I wonder what the cave people did to deserve the ice age? It must have been a direct result from their poluting practices. Is it possible that the earth’s weather is cyclical? Maybe Mother Nature has always been brutal…people just want to place this happy “circle of life” face on the mean b*tch?

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