February 18, 2005 in Dating

Yup, I Dated A Thug

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So I am sure that some of you are surprised to learn that my first true love (FTR) was a thug. I am surprised too. We met October 1987 one Friday night at the Boston Crossing Stop on the T. When he originally tried to talk to me, I was not having it. I was on the platform waiting for my date to show up so I was not interested in meeting someone new. However, an hour came and went and my date was still MIA, so I ended up having a conversation with FTR. He seemed pleasant enough that I eventually relented and gave him my phone number. After doing so, he went to a neighboring payphone and called the number. I suppose he wanted to make sure it was correct. After that, a strong bond developed and we dated for sometime without incident. Later I heard rumors he was involved in illicit behavior. This was difficult to confirm as we did not go to the same high school and whenever I was around him or his friends they always seem to be on their best behavior. Of course, I was a little naive back them, so I am sure I missed what to others would be obvious signs of thuggish behavior. Perhaps I was blinded by his good looks and that amazing smile. He was tall, dark and handsome. Either way, I eventually realized that he was a player and that if the rumors about his lifestyle were true, we had no future together. Yet here it is almost 18 years later and I am still thinking about him. Wondering, hoping that he eventually managed to turn his life around.

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