August 4, 2008 in Food & Diet

Yo quiero Taco Bell

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This past weekend I went to Cambridge to visit my nephew. He invited me up to check out his swanky apartment in a very posh new development close to the city centre. While there, he suggested we go up to RAF Lakenheath so that he could show me around the base on which he serves. I was particularly keen to go as I wanted to check out the military exchange store.
As we neared the base, my nephew inquired as to whether or not I had a photo ID. I didn’t think I had as I don’t walk with my US drivers license. In the end, my rail discount card with photo was enough to get me in — of course, only after they ran my details through the system.
In any event, once I got into the exchange store, I was like a kid in a candy store. The prices were what you would find in a US store and so I went around the store putting lots of items into my basket. We then went across to the grocery store where I again stocked up on a few items. I just couldn’t believe the prices — all in US dollars and a fraction of what I’d have to pay back in London.
Before heading back to Cambridge, we also went through the Taco Bell drive through where I ordered a soft taco. Surprisingly, it was really yummy! So yummy, that I’d actually like to have another now. Unfortunately, that won’t be possible because there are only two Taco Bells in England, and both are on US military bases and not accessible to the general public. How annoying! So here’s hoping that Taco Bell will return to the UK market soon. Apparently, a couple stores were open in the 1980s but they didn’t do well so they were shut down. In the interim, I guess I’ll just have to cook with Old El Paso to get my fix.

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