October 16, 2011 in Dating


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In a matter of hours, RacquetballGuy will be here in London. He will spend some time with his new colleagues but the majority will be with me as we play tourist in London.

Now I haven’t seen him in a few years so I’m nervous and definitely cautious. But, I’m trying to be completely open to him. He has many enduring qualities and could be a good boyfriend, husband, partner and father. But we clearly need to get beyond a few things.

The main obstacle in the past beyond his health (which is much recovered) was the distant since I left Chicago. So now that he will be in London staring next Spring, I want to be open to the world of possibilities.

Can’t say it will be easy as we do have a complicated history — but very much open to seeing how things developed.   So fingers crossed all will be well.

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