August 31, 2005 in Food & Diet

Yet Another Post About My Weight

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I’m suffering from The Heathrow injection. For those not familiar with the condition, below is a blurb I pulled from the YHA Backpacker Essentials Internet site:

The Heathrow Injection
This is a very real and very stressful condition experienced by Australians [really all foreigners] once in London. Effects are literally noticed over night and no warning is given. Put simply, it is the injection of fat on arrival at Heathrow airport; however, this fat does not surface until anywhere from one week to one month after arrival. It tends to affect females the worst with an overall expansion of the body while males experience a concentrated expansion in the stomach area, commonly know as a beer belly!
There is no doubt that moving half way across the world into another hemisphere is bound to affect you – the food, water and air are all different. Also you are many miles away from home and a binge on ice cream, chocolate or alcohol to help lift your sprits at times is necessary. Chances are that your lifestyle in London will be different to life back home. Are you less active? Is your diet unbalanced? Will going crazy on low fat/high carbohydrate foods such as cheap and easy pasta, rice and bread affect your weight? Chances are it will. Most Australians [really all foreigners] will experience a fluctuation in weight while travelling and living overseas and in time your body will adjust and sort it self out.

This my friends, is not a good thing to be afflicted with. As such, I’m going to have to break down and join a gym.

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