March 3, 2003 in Entertainment

Y Tu Mamá También (And Your Mother Too)

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Last night before going to bed, I watched the second movie I rented on Friday night. The plot for revolves around two teenage boys whose girlfriends have gone off to Europe for the summer. With raging hormones and no release, they hit on an older woman at a family wedding who turns out to be married to one of their cousins. In chatting up the cousin’s wife, they embellish on their summer plans by mentioning that they plan to take a road trip to this beach called heaven’s mouth. Even though the beach doesn’t really exist, they invite her to go on the road trip. When the cousin’s wife discovers that her husband has been cheating on her, she calls them up see if they’d allow her to join them on the trip. What follows is funny, bittersweet and filled with outrageous carnal experiences as they travel through a Mexico with wide social and political disparities. So if you’re not afraid of subtitles, consider renting Y Tu Mamá También. It’s a wonderful coming of age story.

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