July 30, 2006 in Politics

World War III

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So, does anyone else out there think that we are in the early stages of World War III? In the past few years we have had terrorist bombings in New York, Madrid, London and Bali. Plus, there is military action underway in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and in the last few weeks, Israel and Lebanon. Conflict is also looming with Iran and North Korea. Plus millions of people in world are dying from HIV/AIDs and starvation. So one has to ponder — are these the last days? I’m not one to get all alarmists and suggest a possible Armageddon, but things are getting worst in world. The war on terror is not working. In fact, I think it’s totally giving Islamist extremists more ammunition as they wage war on western culture and society. Plus as the world’s leading nations are distracted by all these various military conflicts, they are failing to address the needs of the world’s poor. Long term, this does not bode well for our society.

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