December 16, 2003 in Current Events

Where Were You When

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My good friend Andrew over at American Idle, listed a number of high profile current events that happened over the last two decades and documented where he was when he learnt about each. I’m amazed that while I can be so forgetful at times, I remembered where I was for most of these events.

Capture of Saddam – my apartment, Chicago, IL
Death of Princess Di – my apartment, Chicago, IL
OJ Verdict – restaurant downtown with a client, Chicago, IL
OJ in Trouble (car chase) – at some awful play about JFK with best guy friend, Chicago, IL
Start of the Gulf War I – dorm room, on phone with my friend James, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Start of the Gulf War II – my apartment, Chicago, IL
Death of King Hussein – can’t remember
WTC Attack – LexisNexis office, LaSalle Bank Building, Chicago, IL
Kirk Gibson Home Run – huh?
Loma Prieta Earthquake (SF Quake ’89) – can’t remember, probably dorm room at Michigan
Challenger Disaster – J E Burke High School, walking from gym to accounting class, Boston, MA

So my friends, where were you?


  1. December 20, 2003 at 12:30 am


    Capture of Saddam: Saw it online in my apartment in Moline, IL
    Death of Princess Di: Was just getting settled into my old apartment in East Moline, IL saw in on the news and was shocked more than Versace’s murder
    OJ VERDICT: in the parking lot of my previous employer Walmart ugh glad that’s over
    OJ CHASE: watching CNN in my frat house ATO at WIU Macomb, IL
    Start of the Gulf War I, Senior year of high school
    Start of 2nd gulf war: shaking my head watching CNN in my aprt Moline, IL
    Death of King Hussein : no clue
    WTC Attack: I heard it on the radio as I was getting ready for work that morning.. jumped out all naked and wet and watched TV until I was almost late for work. We didn’t work just watched TV all day. I cried for the dead and missing but couldn’t stop watching. I had trouble sleeping that night depsite it being 3am.
    Kirk Gibson: played for the Dodgers right, I have no clue. I don’t get into baseball much
    SF QUake ’89 depsite my late answer I was getting ready to watch the World Series when this Quake occured watched footage all night. especially of fires in the marina district.
    Challenger: Just after lunch my math teacher informed the class what happened and she broke down crying.

  2. December 19, 2003 at 10:59 am


    Capture of Saddam – my apartment, Boston
    Death of Princess Di – my girlfriend’s apartment, Naples, Italy
    OJ Verdict – driving away from a Burger King drive-thru, Norfolk, Virginia (they announced it on the radio)
    OJ in Trouble (car chase) – my house, Virginia Beach
    Start of the Gulf War I – my ex-girlfriend’s dorm/barracks room, Keflavik, Iceland (we had broken up a couple weeks before and were in a really big argument when the news broke out on CNN)
    Start of the Gulf War II – I think I was in my apartment, Boston
    Death of King Hussein – Don’t know
    WTC Attack – At work, Boston
    Kirk Gibson Home Run – You got me
    Loma Prieta Earthquake (SF Quake ’89) – in Diego Garcia, I guess
    Challenger Disaster – Palos Verdes High School, California. I just finished a Shakespeare final (that I failed) and was on my way to History class when I heard a bunch of people talking about it

  3. December 17, 2003 at 8:43 pm


    Capture of Saddam – My room, TX
    Death of Princess Di – My apartment, Seattle
    OJ Verdict – My apartment, Seattle
    OJ in Trouble (car chase) – My apartment, Seattle
    Start of the Gulf War I – Just getting out of the Army…outprocessing station, Fort Dix, NJ
    Start of the Gulf War II – My apartment, Seattle after just getting laid off 2 days prior.
    Death of King Hussein – Don’t know
    WTC Attack – On the bus on the way to work…bus driver said over intercom: “The Twin Towers are on fire and the Pentagon is on fire”. By the time I got to work, I knew something horrible was happening but still didn’t know exactly what. Came home from work early that day and watched the news non-stop for hours.
    Kirk Gibson Home Run – Who?
    Loma Prieta Earthquake (SF Quake ’89) – Somewhere in Seattle
    Challenger Disaster – History class, Junior in H.S. with a teacher we all hated who said he applied to be on that shuttle.

  4. December 17, 2003 at 1:50 pm


    Capture of Saddam – Waking up at hotel room in Vegas
    Death of Princess Di – Bar Mitzvah in OH
    OJ Verdict – around a radio at work…went to meet you in said restaurant soon after.
    OJ in Trouble (car chase) – at a pretty good play about JFK with best female (non-girl)friend, Chicago, IL
    Start of the Gulf War I – dorm room, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
    Start of the Gulf War II – my apartment, Chicago, IL
    Death of King Hussein – don’t know
    WTC Attack – Apartment in MI. I was watching Tivo for an hour before finding out by logging into AOL.
    Kirk Gibson Home Run – wasn’t watching (it was a big thing in LA)
    Loma Prieta Earthquake (SF Quake ’89) – don’t remember.
    Challenger Disaster – Southfield-Lathrup High School, waiting for debate class to start.
    Reagan shot – waiting for the afternoon bus home at Stevenson Elementary in Southfield, MI.
    Survivor 1 Finale – in bar in Detroit, trying to win a trip to chicago by eating dog food (not my best moment).

  5. December 17, 2003 at 9:32 am

    miss ellen

    i was in 3rd grade watching the challenger explode on TV; as there was a teacher (the woman) from the south side where we grew up, we were all excited & watching. it was surreal seeing it explode & only just barely grasping what went wrong. i remember our teacher getting so upset & turning off the tv & trying to convey what had happenned.
    when the columbia exploded earlier this year, i was now grown up; working in fort worth TX for the week, on a saturday morning before we left to come home. we got our breakfast at about the time the shuttle exploded above us. we walked into the building & by the time we loaded up CNN, we knew. then, the phone calls from home started & we couldn’t believe what had happened in the skies above us….

  6. December 17, 2003 at 12:12 am


    Capture of Saddam – sleep in my house, Phila, PA
    Death of Princess Di – home, Phila, PA
    OJ Verdict – no clue..probably at PECO, Phila, PA
    OJ in Trouble (car chase) – at home laughing at the shit, Phila PA
    Start of the Gulf War I – Temple U, Phila, PA
    Start of the Gulf War II – not sure
    Death of King Hussein – can’t remember
    WTC Attack – home, Phila, PA
    Kirk Gibson Home Run – huh? who?
    Loma Prieta Earthquake (SF Quake ’89) – no clue
    Challenger Disaster – american history class, HSIA, Phila, PA
    adding a couple of my own:
    JFK, Jr plane crash – sleep at home, Phila, PA
    Assassination attempt on Reagan – after school event, Greenfield Elementary, Phila, PA
    Oklahoma Bombing – work, Phila, PA
    Waco – don’t remember
    (those 2 kids shooting up their school..where was that) – work, Phila, PA

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