August 6, 2003 in Blogs

Where Do We Go From Here

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Quite a few people out there are thinking about password protecting their blog. Heck more than one person on my recommended blog list have taken a break from blogging because they don’t feel comfortable sharing what’s going on in their personal lives. One person even took her site offline. As such, I’m been giving some serious thought about the future of this blog. I want to remain as open and honest about what’s going on in my life, but time will only tell whether or not that it a reality. When I started blogging, all I could think about was documenting my own personal history. As my readership has grown, I’m starting to think more about protecting my privacy. In that I use my real name, I’m feeling a bit more exposed than most, and it’s tough sometimes when I get critical emails about who I am as a person. Just so you know, there’s more to my life than what’s written here in this blog. Due to personal editing, many things are left on the cutting room floor. Some of them would probably portray me in a better light, but at the end of the day, I just can’t write about everything. So I write about what’s interesting. I write about things I want to remember years from now and unfortunately, some of that doesn’t always paint me in the best light. My life is not perfect, but it’s real. Maybe when it gets to be too much I’m just morph this site into what it was really suppose to be in the first place; a place where all the Barzeys of the world can find and get to know each other well. I just don’t think I ever want to password protect my blog. It just wouldn’t be the same. But never say never right?


  1. August 8, 2003 at 11:04 am


    i’m here – i just don’t have the strenght to be there yet. and i have things in small and hidden places that continue. but mainly i feel broken and that i need to pick up a piece or two before i can continue.

  2. August 7, 2003 at 9:53 am


    Sometimes I am about to write something personal going on but I’ll stop just short until I get everything together.
    In fact, just the other day I gave a vague look into something I’m working on right now. When I get all the loose ends tied up, I’ll write more.
    I just said this in another comment, you should write about whatever makes you happy and you feel comfortable with.
    There is always going to be one or two people who come by and say nasty things just to get attention. I just ignore them when they do it, and Wa-la! They go away.
    If they don’t go away and become real tiresome, you can ban them…but I’ve learned, from watching other people, the best way to do that is to just do it quietly.
    Anyway, I really enjoy reading your site so I hope you stick around for a long time.

  3. August 6, 2003 at 11:42 pm


    Beer Mary at also password protected her blog.

  4. August 6, 2003 at 3:33 pm


    Yep, I said ‘never’ once upon a time, too… 🙂

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