November 20, 2005 in London

What A Difference A Week Makes

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Goodness, what a different a few weeks make. Back then my life revolved around work. Now, as evidenced by my activities for the last 9 days, there is greater balance…or at least a lot more activities beyond work. I’m exhausted by it all, but I’m feeling good about getting out and meeting more people.
Saturday (November 12th): Met up with one of my neighbors from New Zealand and went to an ice hockey game. Later, we went for drinks at The White House Pub.
Sunday (November 13th): Went to Adorment 2005. It’s an exhibition focused on: “locks, natural hair, health, beauty and wearable art.” Spent more time there than originally planned as I met up with some of the women on the Nappturality forum.
Monday (November 14th): I had dinner at Bodeans with one of my good friends from Michigan. She and her husband were on a short vacation break from Kuwait. They are both there working for one of the military contractors. God bless them for being over there. Based on the restrictive nature of the culture, I know I couldn’t.
Tuesday (November 15th): Helped out by passing canapés at Boutique de Noel. If I had gotten my act together, I actually could have purchased Christmas gifts as there were some pretty cool items at very reasonable prices. But since I hadn’t planned for that, I ended up just bidding on one of the silent auction items.
Wednesday (November 16th): This was a day of rest. Thank goodness. The events from the last four days, never mind the week before had left me completely exhausted.
Thursday (November 17th): Attended another Junior League of London meeting. As part of the new membership program, our class (45 women strong) have to organize and execute on a volunteer event. Our project is to help one of the local schools make a quilt representing all members of the school. Basically, each child is doing a self portrait and we are helping them put it together.
Friday (November 18th): Finally got around to seeing In Her Shoes at the movies. Not as good as the book by Jennifer Weiner on which its based, but would still highly recommend.
Saturday (November 19th): Went to Henry J. Beans Bar to watch Michigan vs. Ohio State football game. It sucks that Michigan lost but glad I went as I ended up making fast friends with one of the gals there and she invited me to a birthday party later that night being held at the Alibi Bar. It was the sort of scene I ran from in my twenties and I probably (well definitely) wouldn’t want to go to that sort of event every weekend, but glad I went…even if it did require me to go home and put on proper party gear which meant an hour each way on the trains.
Sunday (November 20th): Was suppose to meet up for brunch with some expats from the UK-Yankee forum, but I got home so late last night (really after 3am this morning) that I decided just to rest. Particularly since I am once again battling another cold. Next week promises to be even more interesting. Did I mention I have an upcoming date? Oh yeah! I’m not getting my hopes up too high about the date, but I’m feeling pretty good about how things are progressing with my new life in London.

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