February 4, 2004 in Choo-Choo

Weird Dream

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Yesterday after a productive work day, I met a friend at Square Kitchen for dinner. I wasn’t stress or frustrated, so was really surprised that my sleep was disturbed by weird dreams. In the one that I remember the most, there was some sort of storm, and a guy across the street fell from about the 7th floor to street level. If that wasn’t bad enough, then Choo-Choo got struck by lightening which caused him to clone himself many times over. In that the clones were dangerous for reasons unbeknown to me and needed to be destroyed, I started screaming and crying because I couldn’t figure out which one was my beloved Choo-Choo. They all looked the same and meowed the same. This is about all I remember from the dream. It was all just a little too weird. A little too scary. A little too Matrix Reloaded for me.

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  1. February 4, 2004 at 11:14 pm


    awww…major bad dream! If I had a dream where I had to kill clones of my cat and didn’t know which one was the real one…I’d be highly upset for awhile after I woke up.
    Do you ever search for meaning in your dreams? I bet this is one is PACKED with all kinds of messages from your mind.

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