June 7, 2004 in Dating

Weekend Past

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Wow! What a weekend. Former President Reagan dies and Jennifer Lopes get married again for the third time. I wasn’t a fan of Reagan’s politics but I admired his ability to connect and communicate with voters. But some of the tributes that I’ve read (that were clearly prewritten) about his Presidency are a bit over the top. Talk about revisionist history. Oh well! He served his country well.
As for Jennifer Lopes, well I feel sad for Marc Anthony. Something tells me he won’t be Jennifer’s last husband. She is the clearly the Elizabeth Taylor of our day. I mean, the woman has married twice in the last 3 years plus had a high profile broken engagement. She clearly has issues. But hey, who doesn’t right?
On a personal note, as I mentioned yesterday, I went on a mini shopping binge with my younger sister. Plus I decided to skip the Printer Row Book Fair. As much as I wanted to be there, decided I didn’t need to be buying any more books. I’ve got a couple hundred in my collection plus quite a few on my night stand waiting to be read. I did manage to finish reading A Walk In The Woods which totally killed any desire I had to someday walk the Appalachian Trial. Moving right along, I also resisted the urge to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Supposedly this one is better than the first two so maybe I’ll check it out sometime soon. On a more personal note, Racquetball Guy is away on business but we are keeping in touch with one another — so all is well on that front.

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