January 2, 2005 in Blogs

Webmaster Wanted, Maybe.

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Well, MT 3.14 is now fully loaded. However, my archives for the last 2 years are offline. This is due to the fact that after the initial upgrade, the comments feature wouldn’t work. With the large amount of spam in the database, things got corrupted. So MT had to be completely removed and then installed again. Now while importing; only the first 5 months are showing up. I suspect that has something to do with the fact that the file is huge. I’m trying to figure out how to parse so that I can import it all, but it’s just taking too much time. So thinking I’ll leave them offline for now. Particularly since I’m thinking of changing host provider. I’d like to have things set up in a mySQL database but to do that with my current provider would mean upgrading my plan to one that cost about $25 per month. In that there are cheaper options out there by providers that are more blog friendly, I’m going to explore those. I’m also going to explore having someone manage the technical aspects of my blog. MT is the premier blog software but with each upgrade or suggested plugin to load, I just want to run from blogging. It’s all distracting me from getting back to finding my inner voice and that my friends is not a good thing.

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