May 17, 2005 in Books

Watching The English

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I’m approaching my one month anniversary and pleased to say that I’m starting to feel more settled. On Saturday, I joined a group of alums from other American universities for a trip sponsored by the Yale Club to see Horace Walpole’s ‘little Gothic castle’ Strawberry Hill. They are currently in the process of raising funds to restore the mansion to original state, but it was all still very grand. This peaked my interest in seeing other historical castles and so I made plans with two of the other women I met to check out Ham House in early June.
On Sunday I decided to take a tour around my new neighborhood and realized that there is a Methodist Church down the street from me, so I’ll have to check that out next Sunday. Church has always been a good place for me to meet like minded people, so hoping my luck will continue with this Church. If not, I’ll surely seek out another.
After walking for some time (in circles truth be told), I came across the Wimbledon Society Museum of Local History. Since it was free I decided to pop in for a visit. I was the first visitor of the day so I had a nice chat with the lady at the front desk. Later another volunteer walked in and she told him that I had just recently moved to Wimbledon from Chicago. He offered a warm welcome but followed that up by pointing out that he had 30 years on me as it relates to living in the area. I was initially offended (mostly so by the way he said it) but then chalked it up to his English sense of humor.
Speaking of English humor and mannerisms for that matter, I broken down and purchased a book titled: Watching the English. It was one of several I purchased since I have yet to purchase a television. This book is quite interesting as it discusses the hidden rules of English behavior. And based on the little I’ve read so far, I know it will be valuable in helping me decode conversations and the behavior for that matter of my English colleagues.

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  1. May 18, 2005 at 5:41 pm


    you just upped and moved to london? damn girl! that’s my dream (not london, however) and i just don’t know when it’s gonna happen. but i suppose you make it happen huh?
    haven’t been to your site in ages, but wow… good for you. i’m totally in awe!
    do enjoy yourself!

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