June 12, 2003 in Current Events

Value of Liberal Arts Degree

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Invisible Adjunct has a few interesting posts that discuss the value and relevance of a liberal arts degree. It’s quite timely that I stumbled upon this discussion, as I’ve actually been thinking about this very same thing. If you’ve been reading me awhile, you know that I’m somewhat jaded about the sales profession but I’m not sure what to do next. More importantly, while I got a well rounded liberal arts degree from Michigan, I’m not sure it really prepared me to enter a “profession”. Sometimes I wish I had majored in say nursing or engineering instead of political science/communications. Of course, those wouldn’t have been good choices for me since I’m not really interested in either — but at least they would have been more tangible, more marketable.
In any event, go read the posts below. They make for interesting reading:
What is the purpose of a liberal arts undergraduate education?
Pursue a Liberal Arts Degree and Join the Ranks of the Non-Industrial Proletariat?
An oh yeah, when you’re done with that, if you have time, check out:
1 in 5: Thomas H. Benton Explains Why You Shouldn’t Go to Graduate School.

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  1. June 13, 2003 at 9:58 am


    The value of a Liberal Arts education? A Liberal Arts education teaches you to THINK. I can think of no greater asset than that. My liberal arts education hasn’t led to great wealth or fame – but you know what, I feel like I’m a richer person because in addition to a professional life, I have a contemplative life as well.

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