January 10, 2003 in Entertainment

Two Weeks Notice

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Earlier this evening, I saw the movie Two Weeks Notice with a friend. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. While I was prepared for the predictability of the plot, the movie became unbearable at times due to the lack of real chemistry between Hugh Grant’s and Sandra Bullock’s characters. Wish I had read the reviews before going. Oh well! My friend really wanted to see it. Thankfully we used two of the movie passes my older sister gave me for Christmas. So folks, save your money and wait for this movie to be on cable. Then again, don’t even waste your time then.

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  1. January 10, 2003 at 11:26 pm

    Leigh Hanlon

    Bullock seems to have trouble defining herself. The trouble is that she’s a Kate Jackson — you know, the girl-next-door Angel.
    Didn’t Bullock produce “Two Weeks Notice”? Maybe she needs some mentoring.
    I saw another film of her a few weeks back that was reasonably good. “Murder by Numbers” has Bullock matching wits with a couple of Leopold-Loeb murderous high-school kids. Kind of like an amplified “Law & Order” episode, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the IMdB reviews suggest.
    Here’s an idea for Bullock: Take the Kevin Bacon or Michael Biehn approach and stop trying for leading roles. Bacon and Biehn have been in some so-so films, but they themselves always turn in a good performance.

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