March 31, 2006 in Dating

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The problem with people lying in their online dating profile is so great, that there are more and more companies cropping up to try and offer a solution. A recent entry into the market is:

Q: What is
A: is a community Web site where you can post and read reviews about the truthfulness of profiles on online dating sites like, Yahoo Personals, and MySpace as well as meet other online daters to share information and stories. is free and anonymous to use.
Q: Who enters the reviews on
A: The reviews on are entered by other members. Some reviews are edited to remove content that might be offensive or does not speak directly to whether the information and pictures in the profile are accurate.
Q: Can I post a rebuttal to a review of my profile?
Yes, if you have updated the information in your profile or you feel that information entered about you was untrue, you can post a review of your own profile to set the record straight.
Q: Will you remove a review of my profile if it’s wrong?
Under certain circumstances, such as if a review contains offensive language or focuses mainly on a subject other than whether the information in the profile is accurate, we may remove a review. Removing reviews is solely at the discretion of If you feel untrue information has been entered about your profile you can post a rebuttal to provide a correction.

Just brilliant I tell you! Brilliant! Having said that, I still have no intentions on going back on an online dating site anytime soon.

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