November 2, 2008 in Politics

True Change

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I have a few long posts in my head that I plan to bang out once I tear myself away from work and twitter. Until then, here’s hoping that Tuesday night/Wednesday morning brings’ about a massive celebration for Senator Obama.

I vividly remember the intensity and disappointment when former Vice President Gore lost the 2000 election by less than 600 votes in Florida. I am hoping that we don’t have to go through that again. Eight years later, with “unwinnable” expensive wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, America and the world at large are much more troubled – and the recent financial crisis has demonstrated just how intertwined the world really is. We need each other to not just survive but to thrive whether we are Americans (North or South), Europeans, West Indians, Africans, Asians, etc. Therefore, the isolationist policies of the Bush administration must end. America being the only super power in the world needs to have a strong leader that is respected at home and abroad.
Thus, while Senator McCain is a great man who has served his country well, he is just not right for the Presidency at this moment in time. Senator Obama is a much better choice. We need him to help unite a deeply fractured country and help restore America’s standing in the world. And so while he is not perfect, and will most likely not be a perfect President, America — heck the world at large really needs someone with his intelligence, vision, temperament and ability to inspire to deal constructively with 21st century challenges.

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