April 3, 2003 in Personal


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I am experiencing writers’ blog. So much to talk about but having difficulty putting into words. Maybe that’s because I’m so tired. I haven’t slept much in the last few days. Plus there continues to be a huge moral problem on the sales team which makes things even more stressful. Then I saw my nutritionist today and confirmed that I haven’t lost any more weight. No real surprise there. Despite the fact that I’ve made significant financial commitments to loose weight (nutritionist, gym membership, weight watchers), I haven’t stuck to the plan. Maybe it’s because I’ve totally over extended myself. Almost every night, I’ve got something to do. I haven’t really made loosing weight a priority. Which brings up another issue, I’m feeling really lonely. Not just boyfriend lonely, but lonely all around. Quite a strange feeling to have when I have a solid network of girlfriends and I’m actually on speaking terms with most of my immediate family.

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