July 13, 2008 in Politics

Time for American Justice

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Lately there has been a wave of killings across Britian due to knife crime and the government’s response is to have those caught with a knife “visit accident and emergency wards to see the impact of knife wounds.” Seriously! Is this the best they could do? Granted it is a start, but the punishment needs to be more severe. It needs to show these mugs that there will be no tolerance for anti social behaviour. Thus, I think it is time to bring on some American justice. So anyone caught with a knife where the police can show intention to commit a crime needs to spend some time in prison — heck if only for a few hours or weeks — perhaps even years. Cuddling these teenagers who have no respect for human life is not the way to go.

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  1. July 14, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    C Shannon

    I read the Daily mail all the time and am continually shocked that those that act like criminals are treated with kid gloves and those that stand up to these hooligans are charged and treated like criminals. The one that shocks me the most is the 90 yr old that complained of teenagers harassing her for yrs finally strikes back and she is charged. The police cannot prevent people from acting in thier own defense if they refuse to act.

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