November 28, 2010 in Dating

They Always Come Back!

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What is with me and ex boyfriends? They never seem to go away and stay away.
Case in point, MrFixItGuy called me on Friday. Considering our heated exchange during our last conversation almost two months ago, I was surprised to hear from him. Then again, not really. All the things I’d been holding back on saying, I really let it all out. I was oh so angry!
Anyway, he called as he wanted to check on me — see how I was doing. I just laughed internally because I knew this was his way of saying he missed me. So I played it cool during our 30 minute long conversation.
Then on Saturday he called back again. He wanted to apologise for something he said. This was so unlike him. And perhaps it was a sign that he was finally listening to me! So I accepted his apology and made a hasty retreat as I was actually going out to a party.
Now I need to decide whether or not to accept future calls. He wants to be friends but not sure if it makes sense right now. Talking to him just stirs up emotions and is a total distraction. I really don’t need that right now. I need more time to pass before I can do the friend thing.
But hey, not going to think about it too much right now. I’m busy with work and now counting down the days until I depart for my first major holiday in nearly 3 years. WhooHoo!!!

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