April 24, 2003 in Books

The Vines of Desire

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Drinking in the middle of the week is simply not a good idea for me. I was totally worthless yesterday at work. But after work, I did manage to finish reading The Vines of Desire by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. This novel is the follow-up to Sister of My Heart, which I read a few weeks ago. The story/character development isn’t as great as the original, but that’s not really unusual considering it’s a sequel. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading about the adult lives of Sudha and Anjou were young girls in Sister of My Heart. No longer in Calcutta, the girls reconnect when Sudha visits Anjou in Southern California after she has a miscarriage. Their relationship and love for one another is tested when Anjou’s husband decides he can no longer repress his romantic feelings for Sudha. Let’s just say that it’s quite an absorbing story line. So now on to reading a third book by this author titled: Arranged Marriage: Stories.

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