June 11, 2012 in London

The Other Woman

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This past Saturday, I went on a date with SalsaMan (more on that later!).

One of the things we discussed was the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations last weekend. During the conversation, we discussed the presence of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at centre stage.

He admired her and thought it was lovely to see her there. I on the other hand, am not terrible fond of her and in fact was upset by her presence — especially in the Royal Carriage with the Queen and then on the Balcony at Buckingham Palace.

No doubt that she and Charles are a genuine love match, but I will never warm to her. She was the other woman who helped to bring about the end of Charles and Diana’s marriage. Sure they had their challenges and may have even been a mismatch but they never had a chance with Camilla around. She was always there providing advice and secretly plotting and hoping that Charles would end the union.

Now I acknowledge that Diana is not completely innocent, she did have one or more affairs as things went south. But again, she never had a chance with Charles. It was a business transaction for him. For her, a fairytale and chance at real love.

But none of that was to be and so while Camilla may be a lovely person, she will forever be in my eyes the other woman; a homewrecker! I suspect many others feel the same way. So God help us all should Charles ultimately try to make her his Queen when he ascends the throne. For many, myself included it would be the end of a love affair with the British monarchy! Heck, he may want to consider allowing his son William to ascend the throne to ensure continuity!

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