August 31, 2003 in Books

The Neon Bible

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Earlier in the week, Andrew sent me an email asking if I had gotten The Neon Bible. I wrote back indicating that I had not yet purchased. But after getting my mail yesterday, now I know why he was asking. Via Gifts R Us, he had sent me a hardcopy 1st edition of the novel written by John Kennedy Toole of A Confederacy of Dunces fame. Now I can’t wait to read. I’ve been meaning to get a copy for the longest, but never got around to purchasing. So thank you Andrew for your thoughtful birthday gift.
Btw, if you haven’t checked out Andrew’s blog American Idle, I would encourage you to do so. He writes about the highs and lows of being a Peace Corp volunteer in Samoa. In addition to great storytelling, he also takes beautiful pictures as well. 🙂

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