July 9, 2005 in London

The Morning After

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After a restless night of sleep, I went back to work yesterday. I could have stayed home, but I decided that it was important to try and get back to doing the normal everyday things. So back on the commuter rail train I found myself. Most mornings, except for my crush (no I haven’t spoken to him yet); I hardly take notice of anyone on the platform. However, yesterday I was being real observant and let me say that I felt somewhat distressed by the number of people carrying backpacks. One woman who sat down next to me had a huge one and it was only after she opened it and took out a book to read that I felt relaxed. Part of me wishes they would ban large packages on the train, but I know how impractical that would be. Heck, I know there are times when I’ll be on with a large bag. So I’ll just have to get use to it and hope that with the increased police presence and other actions being taken, we won’t have a repeat of last’s Thursday’s cowardly actions.

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