December 13, 2002 in Christmas

The Mad Rush Begins

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My older sister and nephew who recent joined the United States Airforce are coming for the holidays. My sister is coming from Boston. My nephew is coming from Mississippi. They both arrive next Saturday. So I’ve got to start getting things organized. First order of business is to pull out the Christmas lights and ornaments. Then I’m heading off shortly to get a Christmas tree with my younger sister who lives here in Chicago. I put off getting the tree until now as I was debating whether or not to get a real or fake Christmas tree. Growing up, we always had a fake Christmas tree so was thinking I should get a real one for a change – they do smell wonderful! But I can’t get past thinking there’re just fire hazards.
Another important thing to get done this weekend, is sending off my Christmas cards. Every year I tell myself I’m going to send them out right after Thanksgiving, but I somehow never hold myself to that. It shouldn’t be too bad though, all my names and adresses are organized in my palm pilot. The palm pilot was a gift from the job I started this past September. I kept meaning to buy one (I consider myself an early adopter), but got bogged down trying to figure out which one to get. Oh well!
Well I must be off. For an interesting article about how Christmas celebrations have evolved over the decades in the United States, click here.

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