May 17, 2003 in Personal

The Explanation

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Saturday night finds me at home. I suppose it would be nice to be out wooping it up, but I’m kind of tired. It’s been a hectic week. Work was intense as we had another round of training. Normally when a company invests so much in their people, you’d recognize this as a sign of a healthy company. But things are wicked stressful at the firm and my group is behaving like a dysfunctional family with people coming and going. This week alone, we lost two people from the sales team. One left for greener pastures…well at least that what she hopes. The other got fired. Who knows what will happen next. Beyond work, I also had some sort of activity almost every night of the week. I’m not really complaining, as it’s a welcome outlet to the drama at work. The two biggest nights were Thursday and Friday night. The two post to follow will provide a recap.

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