July 16, 2003 in Health

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Saw my doctor earlier today and it’s still unclear what type of headaches I’m experiencing. Based on symptoms it could either be sinus or muscular tension headaches. So she wrote a prescription to treat both. I’m not really a big fan of medication per se, but these headaches are so intense at times, that I’m really looking toward to some relief. Also, to be on the safe side, I’m getting an MRA/MRI done next Monday. It sucks I have to wait that long to get it done, as I’ll have to wait a few more days to get the results, but I suppose better late than never. Despite the cost, I need to have it done so I can get rid of all the crazy thoughts floating through my head.


  1. August 17, 2003 at 11:01 pm


    I suggest you run not walk to a doctor immediately.

  2. August 17, 2003 at 2:26 pm


    I’ve been sewting/perspiring purfusly for last 8 days. Today my bowels are navy green & urine is green w/much muchus. Nausea is worse in the mornings (not pregnant) but comes & goes. Vomitting has ceased but I’m still miserable. What’s wrong?

  3. July 17, 2003 at 5:33 pm


    Don’t underestimate chiropractors. I used to get migraines once a week from the time I was 4 or 5 until I was 13. My mom started working as a receptionist for a chiro, so we got free treatment.
    Via x-rays he determined that my axis (the very, very top vertabrae in you neck) was mis-aligned by something insignificant, like, 3 centimeters.
    Over two weeks using three adjustments he declared me “in line.” I’ve only had one headache of this type since then. That’s almost 20 years ago.

  4. July 17, 2003 at 5:31 am


    Good! I’m glad you are getting those MRIs done. You will probably come back here and write, “Well, nothing showed. I’m just a hypochondriac.” Doesn’t matter. What matters is that you will be ensured that nothing worse than a sinus headache is going on.
    Hopefully the prescriptions will take away the pain and that the headaches cease.

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