April 3, 2004 in Health

The Dangerous Dozen

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As much as I want to loose more weight, I am staying away from diet drugs. I have long since learnt that there are no short cuts to long term weight loss. Back when Phen-Fen was all the rage, I got my doctor to give write me a prescription. Then when all the reports started coming out about people who have liver problems I freaked out thinking that something would happen to me too. Thankfully after many rounds of testing, everything turned out to be all right. But it was a valuable lesson. Sure I felt great after I lost the weight but I soon realized how devastating it would be to loose my life from one of these so call “natural” substances. In any event, Consumer Report has a list of the 12 weight loss drugs folks should stay away from. I know I’m staying away from then. Thinking everyone else should too.
P.S. I’ll write about the date later. I’m still trying to process my feelings about the whole thing.

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  1. April 3, 2004 at 6:51 pm


    two words: Astanga Yoga.
    You’ll be happy you did it.

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