June 16, 2006 in Food & Diet

Taste of London

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Taste of London looks inviting as I would get the chance to sample cuisine from some of the top restaurants in London — however, I am slightly turned off as in addition to purchasing tickets to sample the food (no problem there), I have to pay £15 (roughly $28) entrance fee. Thinking the organizers need to follow Taste of Chicago’s lead and make the entrance to the event free. End result would be more people attending to sample the food which I’m sure would make the restaurateurs happy! Particularly since people like myself are likely to become patrons of a few of the establishments.
Of course, I realize that may be easier said than done as upon further inspection, looks like the Taste of Chicago is organized by the City of Chicago, while Taste of London seems to be a private enterprise. That said, Taste of London has a lot of large name corporate sponsors who I’m sure are helping the subsidize the operational cost of running the event.

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