June 24, 2015 in Dating

Tangled Web

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Curiosity got the better of me with the UpstartPolitican and after initially saying HELL NO, I then made a U-turn and gave the impression that I might be open to his advances. As such, I asked him to clarify what role he wanted me to fill in his life but he didn’t want to tell me via Facebook; he wanted to do so in person.

Well actually to hear him tell it, he wanted to have a meeting so he could put me through my paces as if it was a job interview. This was his way of detaching any guilt from a possible liaison.

Anyway, things kind of cooled about two weeks ago due a misunderstanding about a comment on Facebook that wasn’t meant for him. I tried to explain, but he was rather over the top with his reaction and his paranoid behavior had me backing up again.

And now the most bizarre thing happened today. A mutual friend told me that she was having lunch with him and well they have some sort of connection. Furthermore, that he also hinted at having an affair.

Dumbfounded, I froze uncertain as to whether to reveal my own conversations with him each one more direct that the last. In the end, I kept my mouth shut. I wasn’t protecting him. It was more about protecting myself and trying to preserve a friendship with her that I had cultivated.

But was it the right decision? I’m not sure. Heck, I feel guilty for not telling her. And also annoyed that he would pursue me knowing that we are friends.

And really, I can’t believe that someone with so much ambition could be so amateurish and reckless.

Clearly something is missing at home. As why else would he be propositioning more than one woman to be his mistress?

Either way, I now see him in a new light and really just have to shake my head at the tangled web being woven.

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