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100 Things About Ursula

Below is a list of 100 things most of you won’t know about me. It’s started off as a list of 25 things in response to the meme that swept across Facebook earlier this year. As I couldn’t bring myself to edit the list down, I never posted on Facebook. Now here it is in it’s entirely. I almost died as a baby. In fact, it was pretty touch and go for a while. Once I recovered, I had a pretty happy childhood. My parents never married. I am the middle of three girls. Well at least on my mother’s […]

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Google Search

Just ran a Google search on my first and last name separately. I’m on page 5 for Barzey. For Ursula, I don’t even rank on the first 20 pages. That totally sucks. Of course, if you Google my full name in one search, I’m at the top of the list. So goal for 2003 is to be at the top or near top of list for Google searches for Ursula. In case your wondering, Ursula K. Le Guin one of my favorite science fiction authors is at the top. She will be extremely difficult to dethrone. But it’s not impossible.

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