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No, Maybe, Yes, Maybe, No

Remember the UpstartPolitican? Well, I met up earlier this week. It was supposed to be for a quick hello as I was in the middle of attending a conference. However, I ended up spending the afternoon/evening with him shopping. Not for me though, for him. It was all rather bizarre. Within minutes of meeting on Oxford Street, he was dragging me from one high-end department store to the next, looking at suits, shirts, shoes, etc. Apparently he needed to stock up, and he was using my presence to help guide his purchases. Now I don’t enjoy shopping so have to […]

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Tangled Web

Curiosity got the better of me with the UpstartPolitican and after initially saying HELL NO, I then made a U-turn and gave the impression that I might be open to his advances. As such, I asked him to clarify what role he wanted me to fill in his life but he didn’t want to tell me via Facebook; he wanted to do so in person. Well actually to hear him tell it, he wanted to have a meeting so he could put me through my paces as if it was a job interview. This was his way of detaching any […]

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From Breadcrumbs to Toast

I have not heard from Basherter since I laid into him in March. Perhaps he finally understands my position — when I’m done, I done. I had told this to him before we stopped speaking, but I suppose he never thought it would apply to him. After all, while unsaid for much of our friendship, I was madly in love with him. But no more. I knocked that out of my system like a bad cold. Besides getting rid of Basherter, as bonus, I’ve also gotten rid of his friend who continually phoned me to chitchat. This guy wasn’t much […]

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