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President Barack Obama follows me on Twitter

In the middle of live tweeting the Nelson Mandela funeral, I discover that the current leader of the free world – President Barack Obama is following me on Twitter. This unearthing is beyond PRICELESS! Totally overwhelmed as President Obama currently has 40.5Million followers on Twitter and he is only following about 655K. So yeah me for being one of the chosen few. Interestingly, he has been following me for sometime and think this is because I was an early adopter of Twitter and did tweet about him extensively during his first run for the presidency of the United States of […]

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I’ll Be Watching You

Post break-up, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Flickr, etc all have the ability to turn you into a stalker. You don’t need to call, email, text or God forbid go around your ex partner’s house to know what’s happening in their lives — all you need to do is remain friends through these social media channel. This of course delays the healing process which is not ideal. As such, I have cut ties to MrFixIt Guy through these various channels. Perhaps in time we can become Facebook friends again, but for the time being its best to rid […]

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