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What Makes a Winner?

Last month, I attended the CREATE your Future Conference organised by Women Unlimited. The event was focused on providing inspiration as well as practical knowledge and skills that women business owners could use straight away in business and life. One of the entrepreneurs that presented was Julie Meyer CEO of Ariadne Capital. I was really looking forward to her speech as I’d watched a video interview she’d given at and was curious to learn more about the woman who a decade ago co-founded networking group First Tuesday which was sold in 2000 for £33 million. Julie didn’t disappoint. She […]

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Focus on Your Passion

Donald Trump gives some great advise in his book: Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life. Specifically: Find your passion and love what you do. Do not do things you don’t like just for the money. Do your best, be passionate, and good things will come to you. Give your goals values that are not monetary. Know that passion conquers fear. Serve your passion by taking action every day. Take great joy in doing a great job. Focus on the solution, not on the problem. Handle pressure by learning not to dwell on negative thoughts and opinions of […]

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