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London 2012 Paralympics: Closing Ceremony

It’s been a glorious summer here in London. And the Paralympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday night was a great way to end London’s successful Olympic and Paralympic Games. Prior to the night, my Audience Leader group had one rehearsal for the show. There were originally supposed to be about four rehearsal sessions but those got cut back as most of us had done the three prior London 2012 ceremonies and so we knew what to do. Also, as with the Olympics Opening Ceremony, this was very much going to be a party and things would be a lot more laid […]

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We All Want Love

Thankfully, I have never been in a physically abusive relationship. But I have unfortunately been in some emotionally abusive ones. And so I’m somewhat sympathetic with Rihanna who is clearly still in love with Chris Brown. Where it not for the media, I’m sure they’d still be together. The end of that love affair came to a crashing end not by her choice or even Chris’, but by public pressure to do the right thing — to set a positive example for other girls. But are celebrities like her really the appropriate role models for love and living a good […]

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