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For nearly three weeks, no contact from either Basherter or RacquetBallGuy. Then in a space of a few hours, both initiate contact. Neither conversation is particularly warm and fuzzy! The one with Basherter was quite reserved and the one with RacquetBallGuy was quite strained. But he did disclose that he got the job in London so he is moving here next March if not sooner. Now considering that he’s been trying to move here for years, I’m pleased for him but I have to admit that I have mixed feelings. As I’ve alluded to before, part of me just wants […]

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The Kiss

I’ve been trying desperately not to think about MrFixIt Guy and I’m failing miserable. I just don’t understand. We only dated for a short while. Perhaps it was the intensity of it all that still captivates me. Perhaps its the fact that my 40th birthday is approaching and I was hoping that we would celebrate together. Anyway, I woke up this morning dreaming about him. I was in a room surrounded by people. He comes in; walks direct towards me and gives me a big kiss on the lips. It was as if he was telling the world that we […]

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