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Embracing Destiny

So one by one, the men in my life (really the dead weight) are dropping like flies. This is happening as I’m quite conscious of the fact that time is fluttering by, so I need to make room in my life for a potential new partner. Heck, I’m optimistic that this year (2012) will be the year I meet my life partner, my soulmate! Why? Well I went to this psychic last December and during the reading she so easily told me about specific events from my past, that when it came to her predictions for my future, I’m confident […]

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Tarot Reading

As part of my new job which I’ll talk about in a later post, I’ve been attending quite a few tradeshows. At a recent one: The Vitality Show, I managed to sneak in a psychic reading with Beatrice Elder! Below is a picture of a few of the cards that came up in quick succession. Now won’t go into details, but her analysis was very interesting!

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