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Coca-Cola Beat Box

Many of the corporate sponsors for London 2012 had a building of some sort inside the Olympic Park. One of my favourites was the Coca-Cola Beat Box. Designed by up and coming architects Pernilla & Asif, the building is meant to promote the company’s “Move to the Beat” campaign. The whole structure was covered in 230 five-meter-long cushions made of EFTE, a plastic polymer, each one acting like an enormous drum skin that made a musical sound when you touched or waived your hand in front of it. So all very cool. That and being able to take a picture […]

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ArcelorMittal Orbit

I absolutely loved walking around the Olympic Park admiring the venues (those permanent and temporary) along with landscaped gardens and so can’t wait for it to open again. Unfortunately with major work taking place, it won’t be fully opened until spring 2014. So thankful that on the final day the park was open to the public, I was able to go up the top of the ArcelorMittal Orbit which is a 115-metre-high (377 ft.) sculpture and observation tower. I was desperate to go up as I’d read so much about the controversial structure. Plus it was one of the first […]

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