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All in the Family

Continuing on with my nepotism theme, here is a great website for keeping up with nepotism in American politics. Along the same lines, below is the abstract for Op-Ed Column written by Paul Krugman for New York Times which profiles the rise in nepotism. November 22, 2002, Friday The Sons Also Rise By PAUL KRUGMAN (NYT) 773 words Late Edition – Final , Section A , Page 27 , Column 1 ABSTRACT – Paul Krugman Op-Ed column finds that inherited status is making comeback in nation that has always valued upward mobility; points to Pres Bush and his brother Jeb, […]

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Nepotism in Alaskan Politics

Alaska Governor-elect Frank Murkowski appointed his daughter Lisa Murkowski a state legislator to serve the remaining two years of his term in the U.S. Senate. To learn how the new Senator spent her first day, check out recent news article in Anchorage Daily News. The governor was given the power to name his successor earlier this year by the GOP-controlled legislature. Was she the most qualified? Probably not.

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Nepotism more Rampant than Affirmative Action

I often smile when I hear people say they are against affirmative action. I often wonder: what exactly it is they are against? Over the years, affirmative action has meant different things to different people. Next year, the Supreme Court will make what I’m sure will be a landmark ruling on this issue as they have agreed to hear two cases involving rejected applicants to my alma mater, the University of Michigan. I’ll go on the record and say that I’m in favor of affirmative action. As I define it, affirmative action is a way for this country to try […]

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