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I suppose there was never really any doubt that Michael Phelps would win the eight gold medals at these Games and his fourteenth overall. However, what is still up for debate is whether or not this makes him the greatest Olympian of all time. Michael Johnson the American sprinter, who is providing commentary for the BBC, doesn’t think so. He argues, that swimmers more than in any other sport are simply able to compete in a larger number of events which affords them the ability to win more medals. Plus the recovery time is a lot quicker than in say, […]

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History Beckons

I’m not so sure about Michael Phelps’ porn moustache, but he gets a pass for that hot body and for having a tattoo displaying his pride in our alma mater, the University of Michigan. Go Blue! Update 1: He’s shaved the moustache for the Olympics all in an effort I’m sure to help him rise to the challenge and win 8 gold medals. Update 2: I go to his website and get the choice of two languages: English or Chinese. Damn! Michael has serious backers!

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