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The Fracturing of Black Intimacy

Thomas Rogers a Stanford University Law Professor has published a controversially titled book: Is Marriage for White People?: How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone. He argues that due to the “fracturing of black intimacy” in America, African Americans have become less likely to have long term, stable and intimate relationships. He lays out some interesting but not surprising statistics. Specifically, the majority of black men are unmarried and so are 2 out of every 3 black women. Furthermore, college educated black women are twice as likely to be unmarried as college educated white women by age 40. That […]

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Celebrity Marriages

Headline coverage in the major US & UK tabloid newspapers yesterday hinted that the marriage of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith was coming to an end. I imagine this news was shocking to most as they always seem so happy and loved up! Now, just a mere 24hours later, there are denials from the couple. Whatever the case, I have long since stopped having any faith in most celebrity marriages. Sure there are some that are genuine, but most are manufactured or maintained long after their expiry date for professional reasons. Some would say this is a very cynical view, […]

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