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Nelson Mandela’s Memorial & Funeral

I watched most if not all of the coverage surrounding Madiba’s death. I just felt this tremendous sense of loss and I wanted to absorb all I could and truth be told, if finances weren’t an issue, I really would have gotten on a plane to South Africa. But as that was not possible, even with the massive time difference, I was glued to the television listening to the speeches by the various religious and political officials. All were impressive, but my favourite from Mr Mandela’s memorial attended by nearly two hundred world leaders was given by President Barack Obama. […]

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Rest In Peace Madiba

For months we have known that Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela who was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, activist, lawyer, philanthropist and eventually President of the republic from 1994 to 1999 was near death. But it still doesn’t make the pain any less when the news eventually came on 5th December. Like a ton of brick, it hits at your core because despite all the pain at the hands of his white oppressors, he kept his dignity and didn’t call for retribution. Madiba as he is loving known, did so as more important than self, was making a difference in the […]

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