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The Face of the U.S. Military

As some of you may recall, during the early days of the American-led war with Iraq, I developed a serious crush on Brigadier General Vincent Brooks. He was frequently on televsion as he was the spokesperson for the U.S. Army Central Command. Back then, very little was known about him. Now he has his own Wiki page and can’t help steer longingly at his picture. Perhaps its the uniform. He is so distinguished. On a more serious note, there is also a great profile of the General on the HW Wilson Company site.

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Bush II is Gearing Up for WAR

I’m sure this is no surprise to many, but it looks like America is going to war sometime next year. According to Secretary Colin Powell, Iraq is in “material breach” of a U.N. disarmament resolution. And “the world will not wait forever.” God help us!! Since Bush II wants to finish what Bush I didn’t, I have this awful feeling that things are going to be a lot worse than Desert Storm. Saddam is not going to go quietly. Even if he is captured and or killed, this won’t be a 100 day war. As with Afghanistan, American/British/UN troops are […]

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