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Intellectual Intercourse

Confession! I miss Basherter. A lot! I haven’t spoken to him in 14 days and I feel like I have had a limb cut off. Sometimes there is a tightness in my chest and I can’t breathe. But thankfully after a few minutes the moment passes and life goes on. So why am I missing him so much? Well we developed a bond these past 8 months and it went way beyond sexual attraction. We would talk about almost anything and he would always answer my questions with enthusiam and without hesitation. Sometimes when we were conversing, hours would pass […]

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Ulterior Motives

After the drama with Basherter yesterday, it was good to have a day out at the Eastbourne Airshow with friends! But have to say that I’m now once again annoyed with the whole situation. Particularly as his status update now reads: “the giving of my friendship should not and will not be determined by an ulterior motive, it shall be true and without judgment.” I am assuming this was meant for me and as such it makes me furious because he appears to be suggesting that I had some hidden agenda with regards to our friendship. Now I won’t deny […]

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