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Pitch Fever for Chelsea FC

Earlier this month, I made the following declaration on Twitter: Despite the fact that I've yet to attend one of their games, after careful consideration, I do hereby pledge my allegiance the @chelseafc! — Ursula Petula Barzey (@UrsulaBarzey) February 3, 2014 Why @chelseafc, well they are London based and owned by a billionaire. What's not to love? lol — Ursula Petula Barzey (@UrsulaBarzey) February 3, 2014 With that, here's hoping that José Mourinho and the boys in blue don't break my heart too often. — Ursula Petula Barzey (@UrsulaBarzey) February 3, 2014 Now the billionaire bit probably makes me seem […]

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Missing in Action

Soccer (football) is really growing on me. How else to explain the hours spend in front on my television watching most international matches played by team England and USA. And while I can’t bring myself to support one of the English premiership teams I plan to attend a few Bromley FC games this season. The stadium is like 15 minutes walking from my house so I really have no excuse to go check out “the beautiful game” up front. In any event, disappointed to find out the there will be no England or Great Britain team for that matter competing […]

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