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Cooking Challenge

Since I started the fitness challenge over two weeks ago, I’ve walked over 70 miles and will most likely walk over 100 miles by the time the challenge concludes. So quite pleased with myself for pushing through even on days where my heart and oh yeah my knees simply wasn’t in it! But whereas the exercise is going well, the diet is complete rubbish. This past week I had chips (french fries) for dinner three nights in a row. Now I didn’t particularly enjoy the chips but yet, I didn’t have enough willpower to resist the temptation to go back […]

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Brixton Splash

I woke up feeling tired yesterday, Sunday. And as it was raining, I planned to just stretch out on the couch for much of the day. However, around eleven, decided to check out Brixton Splash a free community street festival. Now considering the riots in Tottenham, Brixton with its troubled history is probably the last place most people would think to go. However, because it was a family type event in the middle of the afternoon and I knew the police would be out in force, decided to give it a whirl. I really wanted some jerk chicken with rice […]

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