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Today would have been my Mom’s sixtieth birthday. I’m trying to keep my emotions in check as it’s been 18 years since she passed but it’s still rather difficult. I can’t help but daydream about what could have been. She died so young. Heck, she was the age I am now. So even though I’m sad, I’m giving thanks. I have lots of wonderful memories of her and my own journey has really just begun. Plus as Basherter likes to remind me, she is off in another dimension and is most likely upset that I’m still mourning her. It doesn’t […]

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Forty Two

Today I celebrate my forty-second birthday. This is significant as my mother died at this age. And so this age has been ingrained in my brain. I dreaded its arrival while at the same time I couldn’t wait to move beyond this number as in a weird way, I felt like I needed to reach this age before life could really begin. So can’t wait for it all to happen. While things have progressed, on the personal front (dating/relationships/family), they have also been at a standstill for the last decade or so. Shame really. But hey, no time like the […]

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