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Four More Years

It warms my heart to no end that a majority of the people in the United States voted for President Barack Obama to have another four more years. May God guide and protect him during this historic second term. A real triumph and proof that his 2008 victory wasn’t a fluke.

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A Tribute to Senator Kennedy

What a great tribute to Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy at the 2012 Democratic National Convention which also manages to sneak in an attack on Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Basically, it revives the accusation that Romney is a flip-flopper. Anyway, watching the video brought back such wonderful memories of the Senator and couldn’t held but shout: “Teddy … Teddy … Teddy.” The dream definitely still lives on! And so here is hoping that President Obama who isn’t perfect by any means, gets another four years. The risks are too great to trust the Presidency to a man (Romney) who changes […]

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