March 28, 2003 in Iraq War

Stupid Professor

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This Columbia University Professor is off his rockers. I’m all for expressing one’s views against the war, but to hope that a million American soldiers die is just wrong. There is no justifable reason for saying such a thing.

At an anti-war “teach-in” this week, a Columbia University professor called for the defeat of American forces in Iraq and said he would like to see “a million Mogadishus” – a reference to the Somali city where American soldiers were ambushed, with 18 killed, in 1993.
“The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military,” Nicholas De Genova, an assistant professor of anthropology and Latino studies at Columbia University, told the audience at Low Library Wednesday night. “I personally would like to see a million Mogadishus.”
De Genova was referring to the Mogadishu ambush and firefight, known for its graphic image of a slain American soldier being dragged through the streets. The battle was portrayed in the film “Black Hawk Down.”
The crowd was largely silent at De Genova’s remark. They loudly applauded him later when he said, “If we really [believe] that this war is criminal … then we have to believe in the victory of the Iraqi people and the defeat of the U.S. war machine.”

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